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High Risk Domestic Accounts


High risk credit card processing services from Trust Payments allow high risk merchants the processing solutions that are essential to any successful company. Our high risk merchant payment processing solutions enable high risk businesses to process credit card transactions despite having a history of high chargebacks or poor credit. Our high risk merchant consultants and underwriting staff will ensure a very satisfying experience. By working with Trust Payments, high risk merchants are able to process major credit cards such as Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® or American Express® online, over the phone or in person. This will allow merchants to reach all of their financial goals.

Trust Payments offers a variety of benefits to merchants. Our high risk merchants get fast approval times, competitive rates and secure payment gateways with first class virtual terminal support in the industry. We offer unlimited volume to qualified merchants, as well as a charge back protection program to protect your business against fraudulent transactions.

High Risk Merchant Processing Industries Include:

• Collection Agencies
• Credit Repair
• Electronic Cigarettes
• Payday Loans
• Multi-Level Marketing
• Loan Modification
• Nutraceuticals/Herbal Supplements
• Continuity Free Trial
• Online PC Support
• Adult
• Travel/Timeshares
• Online Head Shops
• Debt Consolidation/Student Loan Consolidation
• Bad Credit

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